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What is an Insulated Structure ?

Manufacture of tents

Innovative design

The easy-to-assemble tents that we offer are an innovative concept that establishes a new standard in the design of removable structures.

Manufacturing and installation

Our pressurized covers are designed with state of the art textile technology, suitable for your desired use.

Living space

This type of removable structure is the perfect alternative to traditional construction.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency due to its excellent thermal insulation. It reduces your investment in air conditioning equipment, as well as in energy savings.

Technical advice

Our Technical department will guide you through the entire design process of your pressurized tent. We evaluate your needs and offer you the best technical solution, without overlooking your budget.

Legal advice

Our legal department places their experience at your service to advise and guide you in the process of obtaining installation licenses.

Pressurized Tents

Our pressurized structures are designed with state of the art textile technology and suitable for every use.

Our company is dedicated to the design, manufacture, and installation of thermo-insulated pressurized structures.

Great habitability
State of the art design

We work in a permanent effort to improve the performance of our structures, with the use of state of the art smart fabrics.

Thermo insulation
Acoustic isolation

The air cushions that make up our pressurized covers guarantee maximum thermal and acoustic insulation.

Intelligent construction
Removable structures

This type of ephemeral construction allows you to control your investment for a determined length of time.

Tents manufacture

Pressurized tents

Removable pavilions
Removable constructions
Removable structures