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Insulated temporary clear span structures

What is an Insulated Structure ?

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State of the Art Design

We are constantly working to improve the performance of our structures, taking care to research and exclusively utilize the initial project.

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Thermal insulation

Our air-cushioned pressurized covers guarantee maximum thermal and acoustic insulation, creating supreme comfort and durability.

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Intelligent construction

This type of removable construction allows you to control your investment for a determined length of time.

Certified Contractors

healthcare buildings

Importance of healthcare organizations dictates norms of design.

education buildings

You send kids to school and no worries that they might fall off the window.

Government Building

We are a company that offers design and build services on a serious level.

Parking Garage

The heavier the traffic, the more we need compact high-tech solutions.

Domestic buildings

With our housing you can be sure that your family has a safe and cozy house.

Interior Design

Not only are constructions sturdy,  but also interior solutions are elegant.

Green construction

If you want to be a leader, you need to keep up with the world green trends.


We can be innovative, creative and offer any kind of facilities for your restaurant.

Fabrication of industrial covering structures
Our pressurized structures are designed with state of the art textile technology to suit your needs.

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Pressurized tents

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