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Insulated temporary clear span structures

High security


Global warming forces us to anticipate safety and never lower our guard. Hence the relevance of conducting a climatological study of the area where the thermo-insulated tent will be installed, whether for temporary use or for permanent use.

The structures are calculated based on:

Snow loads.

Exposure to the wind.


The profiles used in snow areas are larger than in hot areas.

In areas at risk of exposure to snow reinforced structures with cables that brace the pillars and confer greater resistance to the trusses. We incorporate a new synchronized pressurization engine with an EMD that allows us to control at all times the pressure of the air cushions for proper snow evacuation.


After years of experience in the sector, we can ensure that the human factor has a decisive influence on the security of the tents. Improper maintenance of the tarpaulins, an oversight that leaves part of the tent open during a storm, a slow repair of a vertical facing … all these aspects can endanger most of the installed tents. Most of the tents that have been knocked down by the wind have not been able to stand because literally the welds that fix them to their bases are broken. The “candle effect” occurs when only one part is open and the rest is closed. The air, not finding its exit, pushes the tent upwards and may end up breaking the welds of the anchor plates after much swinging. Aware of this dangerous “human factor”, in CAP we have developed the CLEAR-VENT system, which will protect your installation against any human carelessness.