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Insulated temporary clear span structures

Insulated structures

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Our pressurized covers, designed with the most innovative textile technology and suitable for a plethora of uses, make our product the most effective and profitable solution to cover spaces, temporarily or long-term. In our aspiration to lead the market in relocatable structures, we offer a professional pre-sales service, offering project development, technical advice by our engineering department, and support in obtaining installation and activity licenses. We are also proud to offer a post-sales service to address any warranty and maintenance issues and other contingencies.

Our skills

Design is our fine art and our passion. Our goal is to create and provide the finest pressurized tents available, with attention to detail and a high standard for aesthetic excellence.

  • Our R&D department is of vital importance to offer solutions according to the various uses or sites of the facilities. We make an effort to cover all the needs of our customers, making our product an optimal solution of removable and intelligent construction.
  • Our design department makes an effort to be respectful with the setting, and with the use of carefully selected materials, we achieve a lower visual impact wherever we install, as well as great energy efficiency.
  • The tents, with or without pressurized cover, being removable structures, are not collected as “construction” in the Building Code. From CAP Insulated Structures, we can develop your project and submit the county applications corresponding to the Installation Licenses of our structures and support you in obtaining Activity Licenses.
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