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Insulated temporary clear span structures

Intelligent construction


The most cutting edge textile technology that saves you energy

INTELLIGENT. The speed of its installation, the easy processing of installation licenses, its smart investment (in the future, you can sell the land on one side and the tent on the other), make our pressurized structures the smartest construction.

SUSTAINABLE. The tents with pressurized covers offer an isolation almost 4 times superior than the conventional tents of a single membrane. The combination of opaque fabrics with reflective colors (white or silver) allows high thermal insulation in hot areas. The translucent canvases, in areas of cold climates, allow the transmission of solar energy and luminosity. The right choice of the weight of the fabrics, their components and their color, allow to optimize the thermal and acoustic insulation in each location, which will mean a permanent energy saving and maximum habitability at a reduced cost.

RESPECTFUL WITH THE ENVIRONMENT. Its lightness in transport, its simple assembly without large works, its structures of recyclable materials, its thermo-insulation, its enormous possibilities to blend in with the environment, both in color and design, its temporality, reduce its environmental impact to the maximum.