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What is a pressurized tent

Carpas presurizadas

What is an Insulated Structure?

An Insulated Structure is composed of an aluminum structure and a “double pressurized membrane” cover. Unlike conventional “single-membrane” tents, pressurized structures offer a series of very important comparative advantages: thermal insulation (it prevents the formation of water condensation in the interior) and acoustic isolation, it prevents the movement of the cover with strong gusts of wind and has great habitability with exceptional energy savings. They are designed to prevent the accumulation of snow on the roof. All this makes these pressurized clear spand tents a unique product with exceptional performance.

The great livability offered by our pressurized structures is basically due to three factors:


Unlike conventional tents (single-membrane), tents with thermo-insulated covers (maid of double pressurized membrane) offer a great thermal and acoustic insulation due to its air chamber (one of the best natural insulators). Our pressurized covers offer almost 4 times more insulation than single membrane tents. Its insulation (1.5 k) resembles that of sandwich sheet metal and injected polyurethane (1 k) and moves away from conventional single-membrane tents (5 k). Note: the smaller the insulation factor “k” the greater the insulation.


The pressurization of the covers exerts a great traction on the structures, compacting them in such a way that avoids oscillations with great winds. Likewise, pressurized tarps remain stable against the wind. Unlike conventional single-membrane tents, whose structures and canvases are violently agitated by moderate gusts of wind, the oscillation of pressurized structures is practically imperceptible. Decorations and other elements that hang from inside remain stable with strong winds.


Any removable structure, whether a single-membrane tent or a double-membrane pressurized tent offer great lighting advantages. The translucent canvases allow natural lighting without shadows. Regardless of the significant energy savings that this implies, natural light offers numerous physical and psychological advantages and favors a very pleasant work environment and habitability.