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Insulated temporary clear span structures

Innovative Industrial Fabric Shelters

Manufacture of tents

An insulated structure is a one of a kind, innovative product that blends the functionality of a brick and mortar building with the convenience of a removable tent. The singularity of our insulated structure lies in the integration of an aluminum frame with a double pressurized membrane cover that maximizes the use of natural air.

Still air is one of the best insulators available. Densely packed atoms facilitate the transfer of heat, so the goal of most insulation is actually to reduce solid material and trap still air inside little pockets, or chambers. Our use of a double membrane cover allows us to create an air chamber between the two layers of the structure, evenly across all sides and roof, resulting in a highly effective barrier to the elements. Because of this, our pressurized structures offer a series of remarkable advantages over warehouse construction and conventional single membrane tents, including:

  • Thermal insulation: prevents the formation of water condensation in the interior and offers 4 times more insulation than single membrane tents. The 1.5k insulation of our structure is roughly equivalent to a sandwich sheet metal panel with a 4 cm layer of polyurethane, unlike the 5k insulation of its conventional single-membrane counterpart.
  • Note: The smaller the insulation factor “k,” the greater the insulation.
  • Stability against the wind: the pressurization of the double membrane cover exerts a considerable traction on the structure, compacting it in such a way as to render oscillations due to high winds practically imperceptible, resulting in stability of the structure as well as objects inside (even hanging objects, such as lights and chandeliers!)
  • Acoustic insulation: the prevention of movement from wind and other heavy elements creates a comfortable, quiet, and inviting atmosphere.
  • Energy savings: the air chamber insulation reduces the need for or size of HVAC equipment, resulting in exceptional energy savings.

Additional unique features of our structures include:

  • Great natural luminosity: translucent canvases lavish our structures with natural, shadowless lighting. This offers additional energy savings as well as a light-filled, pleasant environment conveying indispensable physical and psychological benefits, elevated mood, and increased productivity.
  • SH System & Anti-Snow technology: our textile covers can be equipped with a smart technology, an automatic heating mechanism that prevents the accumulation of snow.